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Five Tips to Make Writing More Fun

Writing can be a tricky endeavor, because you may not always want to write. I think there are a number of things that can help with this effort. The hope is to make it more fun to write and more inspiring to write. Here are five tips to make writing more fun: Tip #1: Plan your writing Often times the worst part of writing is not knowing what you want to write. That blank screen can be intimidating. By taking some time to plan your writing, it gives you “training wheels” on starting to write. That can make things a lot easier. Tip #2: Dig up inspiration Sometimes the best way to move forward is to find pieces of writing, artwork, or music that inspire you. That inspiration can give you a feeling that you can then describe in your work. That feeling not only helps move the word count forward, but it can help you give some extra authenticity to your work. Tip #3: Writing prompts When you don’t have anything particular to write, but you still want to write, these can

Time for 10k - Western Fantasy

I've just finished part 1 of 3 for "4 Wizards" (that will not be the official title, but I am just keeping it that way until I figure out a good title). With that complete, I've decided to write the next 10k effort. This is part of an ongoing effort to sprinkle 10k's along with the major books. These 10k's will then wrap up into a larger effort forming their own book. The idea is to make book 2 in the "Morning Motivation" series. It would be nice to have a new morning motivation book every year. Beyond letting me practice writing in a variety of different ways, this effort helps me reset my brain. That way it's not dragging as I work through major series. This gives me a quick break while I transition from part to part of the larger books. This 10k that I am currently working on is called Western Fantasy and is going to be an odd one. I am hoping to write it in a Western style, but incorporate some magic traces in there. I was going to wo

How to Write a Sentence

The title of this article may sound silly to most, as sentences were taught back in grade school. However, there is more to writing a quality sentence than simply reflecting knowledge that you found out at the same time as brushing your teeth. A great sentence takes the world, full of oddities, and puts logic to it. Sentences define the intention behind the logic. They show patterns and help us expand our focus. In addition, a great sentence should be as few words as possible. The fewer the words, the easier it is to understand. That's the skill of writing a sentence. Convey logic from chaos with as few of words as possible, without losing intention. Once a sentence is perfectly constructed, you do it again and again. That leads to a paragraph. Much like a sentence, there is an intention here as well. One paragraph leads to another, leading in and out of each intention. Soon a rhythm or outlining idea is presented. This is what people understand as writing. There is one lev