Thursday, June 6, 2019

How to Write a Sentence

how to write a sentence
The title of this article may sound silly to most, as sentences were taught back in grade school. However, there is more to writing a quality sentence than simply reflecting knowledge that you found out at the same time as brushing your teeth. A great sentence takes the world, full of oddities, and puts logic to it. Sentences define the intention behind the logic. They show patterns and help us expand our focus.

In addition, a great sentence should be as few words as possible. The fewer the words, the easier it is to understand. That's the skill of writing a sentence. Convey logic from chaos with as few of words as possible, without losing intention.

Once a sentence is perfectly constructed, you do it again and again. That leads to a paragraph. Much like a sentence, there is an intention here as well. One paragraph leads to another, leading in and out of each intention. Soon a rhythm or outlining idea is presented. This is what people understand as writing.

There is one level (possible more?) above this: voice. Just like a regional dialog has an accent, writers develop accents in their writing. Some may convey ideas with simplicity, getting straight to the point. Others may wonder through fields of metaphors, selecting their thoughts like picking flowers in a meadow. Each of these feels different to the reader and each has their place. These differences in voice can lead to differences in sentence construction.

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