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Writing a Book and Using Amazon Self Publishing

There is a particular prestige gained when you can boast that you are an author. Everyone wants to be an author, to have their innermost thoughts and desires shared with others. However, few are willing to put in the long effort to get this completed. From the surface, the concept is easy. You have this story with twists and turns and a satisfying ending. Going deeper, an author needs to understand the multiple arcs occurring and thematic feel of the book. This article isn’t going to focus on the craft of building a book, nor will it focus on building the routine necessary to author a book. Instead, we will cover the higher level outline of what self-publishing means. Let’s start with an overall pros and cons list: Pros: Writing a novel can be extremely cheap. You have complete control over everything: the content, the cover, the marketing. Everything is up to you. [This could also be a con] No gate keepers / barrier’s to entry. No one will tell you that you are not allowed to