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The Joy of Writing into the Void

I am far from a popular author. Truthfully, I am not sure even my closest friends and family read what I write. There is a certain amount of sadness in that, but at the same time, there is a certain amount of freedom as well. I can write down anything and everything that comes to my mind. I’ve learned to write not for anyone beyond myself. Everything I create, I create because it pleases me. I know that nearly every word will be cast into the void, not to be picked up by others. That’s okay, because writing is an introspective art. Subjective opinion on an introspective process is not required. The only problem that I’ve really had, with writing into the void, is the lack of path. There is not a strong urge to write a specific tale or scene. There is the worry that I’ll spend my time crafting a scene that won’t work, or will be boring, or will no longer carry my desire. I am worried that I’ll waste years working on a story that no longer interests me. I think what I need to do, to comb

10 Good Qualities to Cultivate to Become a Better Writer

Writing is a subjective art that blurs the line between bliss and torture. One moment, every word is a golden gift handed from the muses on high. The next moment, you’re being laughed at for practically writing in crayons. Art is the practice of constant doubt and frustration. So what are some qualities that can be cultivated to make a person a better writer? 1.) Routine over inspiration In this quality, a daily habit is more important than waiting for inspiration to hit. The truth about writing is that inspiration hits the most when you’ve already started. That means your best inspiration usually happens when you’ve already been working for a bit. 2.) Determine if “this” works and why. A good feature to cultivate in your writing practice is constant observation. This can be observing the details of others around you or in looking at other stories. Does a scene in a movie or TV show work well for you? Why does it work well for you? Start breaking down what works for you and start looki