Friday, August 28, 2020

The Joy of Writing into the Void

I am far from a popular author. Truthfully, I am not sure even my closest friends and family read what I write. There is a certain amount of sadness in that, but at the same time, there is a certain amount of freedom as well. I can write down anything and everything that comes to my mind. I’ve learned to write not for anyone beyond myself. Everything I create, I create because it pleases me. I know that nearly every word will be cast into the void, not to be picked up by others. That’s okay, because writing is an introspective art. Subjective opinion on an introspective process is not required.

The only problem that I’ve really had, with writing into the void, is the lack of path. There is not a strong urge to write a specific tale or scene. There is the worry that I’ll spend my time crafting a scene that won’t work, or will be boring, or will no longer carry my desire. I am worried that I’ll waste years working on a story that no longer interests me. I think what I need to do, to combat that, is to find what I am passionate about and give myself permission to quit once a product is out. I don’t need to write trilogies and massive stories. Singular books and stories are just fine. I also need to put additional restrictions on my writing habits so that I can get the work done quicker. The only problem is that I simply don’t know how best to “get in the groove” without a lot of time. It feels like the small cracks of time I can find, just simply aren’t enough. I know that’s a lie, I know I could do it, but there is that momentum challenge. I am going to spend some time today preparing and hyping up the process. I want to be excited to write my next chunk, and I want it to be a pleasurable experience. As previously said, I write for myself, so ultimately the goal is to make this as pleasant as possible.


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