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How StoryOrigin Helps Authors Provide Novels Online for Free

I’ve been using StoryOrigin for about five months, in conjunction with BookFunnel. Both have similar functions, but there are things I enjoy more about StoryOrigin than BookFunnel (and vice versa). Before we get into all of that, let’s take a quick look at the main function of StoryOrigin. What is StoryOrigin? Ultimately StoryOrigin is an online service that allows authors to connect with readers. The authors can interact with their readers in a variety of ways. Some authors may be looking to sell books, while others are looking to build their mailing list. Some authors are looking to find reviewers, while others are looking to build their author-to-author connections. Some authors are even using this platform to track word count! While these goals all have different goals, the focus here centers around mailing lists. StoryOrigin works with a variety of mailing list providers (I am using MailChimp) to help authors in these goals. So how does StoryOrigin achieve these goals via mailing