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Pay to Play versus Traditional Royalties

My definition of traditional royalties is where you build the product once and continue to make money from it far into the future. However, pay to play is becoming the norm in the author community. The secret to writing success is becoming "marketing". The secret to marketing is to find small ways to earn more than you spend. However, these small ways keep changing, which requires you to keep changing your marketing. It is at this point, that those secret revealers say that being an author is about running a business, not just writing. Here is a sample thought from a Reddit forum post : Amazon Ads would be your best bang for your buck (and book!) but depending on the price of your paperback they may not make financial sense. An awesome click to buy ratio is 1 sale for every 10 clicks, and clicks in popular categories can cost $0.25 or more, so unless you're making more than $2.50 profit on your paperback it might not work. Note that 1 in 10 is very good, something

Sadistic Writing App Review: The Most Dangerous Writing App

The image at the top is an example of a new simple, yet sadistic writing app: The Most Dangerous Writing App . Overall this app is a fairly straightforward thing, but it is built for a reason. Simply put, the app has a timer that goes for however long you want, or by word count: If you stop typing the screen fades red and you lose everything! In addition to the regular mode, there is a hardcore mode where you can't even see what you've written. You must simply trust your writing and grammar skills. The goal of this app is: keep writing and avoid distractions. Beyond that, it carries a large stick - if you fail, you don't keep any words. That's downright sadistic. I think that this could be beneficial if you are trying to get to a specific word count every day. However, I also think it's a bit extreme except if you are having major writer's block. I think for many people, once you start you can keep going. However, I can't count the number of times I nee

Five Ways to Make Writing Fun

Writing can be somewhat difficult to start, but if you know the tricks it can be a lot easier. In this article we will work through five different things to make writing more fun. You may want to achieve this to build a daily writing habit or to get a bit of work done. Either way, having a writing habit can lead to a higher level of productivity and happiness. I think part of the trick here is also knowing what it takes to make writing not feel like work. The more fun you have with writing, the better. In addition, the easier you make it to pick up the keyboard and produce, the better. Ultimately, writing is fun for a number of reasons, but every writer has to start somewhere. 1.)     Setup a routine of inspiration (music, art, etc.) Writing is often the best when you are fully inspired to do so. This may not always be the case. However, the internet is full of potential inspiration for your next writing project. This can range from cool images, to amazing art, to 3D cr

7 Steps to a Writing Daily Habit

I think writing every day is a very tricky situation. While it may seem easy to maintain, especially if you are prolific-slanted, there are a number of barriers. ·         Coming up with something to write every day. ·         Having to edit what you write every day. ·         Finding time to write ever day. ·         Being worried you don’t have anything relevant to share. This is the short list of barriers. Any one of these can completely derail your progress towards a daily writing goal. However, there are number of steps you can take to make the writing daily goal more tangible. Like anything, these are small steps towards a much longer path, and the path is different for everyone. Some writers will recommend ideas surrounding daily habit creation. They argue that if it works for one thing it can work for others. My goal here is to offer advice that is specific to the writing daily habit, not to other habits. That being said, I may dive into other habit crea

Determining good writer software

People will often praise writer software. A lot of the software out there is really great. However, there's a good portion of software that is complete junk. I think the best way to determine the difference, beyond getting other people's feedback,is it to only purchase at when you need it.    If you do this, then you will use the software right away. That will help you determine how useful the software is. If you find that it's useful, then you can put it into your daily practice. If not, then you can get a refund on your software. I think this is the best way, to determine if the writing software is junk. You can also check out websites and support forums to find any information that you need to make the software useful. Again, the key is to need the software right before you use it.