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Sadistic Writing App Review: The Most Dangerous Writing App

The image at the top is an example of a new simple, yet sadistic writing app: The Most Dangerous Writing App. Overall this app is a fairly straightforward thing, but it is built for a reason. Simply put, the app has a timer that goes for however long you want, or by word count:
If you stop typing the screen fades red and you lose everything! In addition to the regular mode, there is a hardcore mode where you can't even see what you've written. You must simply trust your writing and grammar skills. The goal of this app is: keep writing and avoid distractions. Beyond that, it carries a large stick - if you fail, you don't keep any words. That's downright sadistic. I think that this could be beneficial if you are trying to get to a specific word count every day. However, I also think it's a bit extreme except if you are having major writer's block. I think for many people, once you start you can keep going. However, I can't count the number of times I need to do some minor research or simply want to go get a cup of coffee. I still hit the numbers I want, but if I was using this system it would completely be destroyed.

There is a wonderful way to use this tool: Writing Prompts!

Many writing prompts are used not because they will build works of art, but because they are helpful to get a person get started. If you combine this ticking time bomb with a writing prompt, you will probably be less likely to fail. That's because you don't have to worry that you're saving your best work. Instead, you're just betting against a writing exercise, so that you have less "skin in the game".

Final step in the game: Feedback.

Writer's Digest lists a number of writer prompts. What is great about these prompts is that you get to post your work in the comments. If people like your response, they will reply and tell you so. If they don't like it, you'll know that too. I think that's a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment, even if you are using a sadistic writing app like The Most Dangerous Writing App.

One more thing, if you link your user name on Writer's Digest to your website, you can even get people to potentially go to your website after they read your writing. I am going to give this a try and post the result:

Writer Digest Prompt [summation]:
"Your child finds a massive egg during an Easter egg hunt and it's unlike any bird egg you've ever seen."

My Story:

Egg hunts are always more exciting with gold. The only problem when your child finds a real gold egg is deciding what the next step will be.

"Daddy, look what I found? Do you think it's real?" my 7-year-old girl asked looking up to me.
I didn't think it was real. However, as a jeweler I can always appreciate when people get the color right. What I didn't expect was that the feel was right. It was cold in the way it should be cold. I then did the ultimate scratch test. Gold is a very soft metal, so I wasn't sure if this would work. To my amazement, it parted the way it should. It was then that I asked my little girl a very important question:

"Do you got any more?"

She replied " yes!" Apparently, she had green plastic ones, and blue plastic ones, and even red plastic ones.

She was very excited about this. I sighed and asked her where she found this gold one.

"Over by that goose daddy!"

"By the goose?" I asked, wondering if I had heard right. Wasn't there a goose that had laid a golden egg in some nursery story? Wouldn't that be a blessing?

"Can you show me exactly where near the goose?" I asked

"Sure thing!" She exclaimed.

She took me over and spent the next half hour trying to find the exact spot where she found the egg. After much trial, she showed me a spot in the brush where a small egg indentation was at. To my untrained eyes, it looked like a nest. I looked a bit closer and was greeted by a honking and hissing goose coming in our direction. My daughter left running, and I am afraid to admit that I also left in a huff. It wasn't that I was scared of a goose or anything, but it was just surprising, that's all.
My mind started to come up with schemes to search more of the area. I went and jumped into a nearby pond and looked around the border. I didn't see any eggs there. I then climbed the tree nearest to the goose looking for any above ground nests. I didn't see anything there. By the time I was done I had sticks and twigs buried in my hair, my jeans were muddy, and I was no closer to finding yet another golden egg.

I made a mental note: If I could come back and visit, I would. I would hunt down all those golden eggs. It was then that my daughter said she was hungry. I handed her some snacks but she didn't want carrots. Before I knew what she was doing she grabbed the golden egg and peeled it. Turns out it was chocolate. Maybe I am not the best jeweler around. I guess, though, I did have a great Easter egg hunt.


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