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Loading and Dumping Writing Information

There are a few things I've done lately to help build a writing practice. I started out finding a way to take in new information. After I got kinda "full up" on information I had to figure out another method. This article speaks about the "loading/dumping" of information that I hope will lead to a better craft. Step 1: Loading up on information. In this step, it's pretty obvious what happens. I got to a variety of sources and I learn about how to write. My current favorite right now is masterclass, just because it has so many topics by people that are really at the top of their game. I like the idea of learning new things from top teachers. I think that's what really sets Masterclass apart from other sources. Yes, you can get wonderful information, from top teachers, at other locations. However, you need to know which teachers are at the top of their game at first. Once you figure out a handful of top teachers, you then have a very limited amount