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The fight to write

The fight to write is not about building a fight scene. The fight to write is about finding precious few moments throughout the day. It's about finding time to write, and the inspiration at that any given moment. That can be really difficult, because you may happy thinking about something completely different. However, you still have to find some way to build value and create a new idea. That's why the fight to write is so difficult. Especially writing everyday.

Building a bridge to the Future

Time moves incredibly fast and incredibly slow. It moves incredibly slow, in the short-term. A long day feels extra-long. However it moves incredibly fast words to the years. I think this interplay of time really shows the benefit of building of royalty base. I think having something that's built, that took years, is a wonderous foundation. I can see that building a royalty Foundation will help now, in the near future, and in the long-term. I'm excited to see I can create.