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Hubpages vs Medium: Which Pays Better

I’ve had this blog for some time, but I don’t make any real money on it. I believe I’ve totaled around $1.13 via Google. Instead, I decided to take my content to two other major sources. The reasons for this are varied. The main reason I take my content over to Hubpages is that they care about the searchability of your articles. The goal is to build good articles that Google wants and that rank high because of value. That means they will tell you the quality of your article and will even make edits on your articles to make them rank higher. On the other side, there is Medium, which has a built in audience. The focus with this platform is to build an ecosystem outside of Google so that you can make money without having to worry about ranking. Instead you get your stories “published” in their virtual magazines. Let’s break down an essential focus right away: visits for money. The whole reason you write blog articles online is to eventually monetize what you create. That way you can cont