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Cover Tiers: Low Cost, Middle Cost, and Top End

Back in June I discussed finding a pre-made cover. The hope was to upgrade from the Fiverr, Deposit Photo, GIMP solution that I’ve used in the past. The truth of this past cover is that I am really paying fiver for topography. I am asking what style/color of text works best for an image. That’s not a bad value, because it really is valuable. Each Deposit Photo would cost me about $5 and then there would be identifying text fonts from similar books. I would then need to boil down the top three colors of a cover and use a color wheel to find the right text color. I would then need to combine it all. At very least, that would take me about 30 min to 45 min. I pay $7 to save that time ($12-$5). The only problem with this value is that I can’t expect them to do much work for that $7. The truth of it is I would expect them to have it boiled down to a 10 minute procedure; with a bunch of up sells that are the real money makers. So I am looking towards the next step up. I also looked at the st

Trying a New Road: Ghost Writing

I’ve worked hard and saved up a little bit of money from royalties. I was doing this to build audio books from my longer stories. The problem is that my schedule isn’t really helping with a routine. I am working on building the routine needed for a daily writing habit, and I’ve done well on building that. However, this money is burning a hole in my pocket, especially when it could be used to build more stories. So what I’ve settled on doing is working with a ghost writer to help knock out some work for me. My idea is to work together to produce stories up to the correct quality. I want to build stories quickly, and this would help me with some of the more prolific problems I am having. The hope is that I can learn to be more prolific, and that when combined with their talents, I can build a lot more stories. I am going to be working through these stories with the same fine tooth comb that I put my own work through. I know that may show that this road will not work. However, if there is