Friday, September 4, 2020

Trying a New Road: Ghost Writing

I’ve worked hard and saved up a little bit of money from royalties. I was doing this to build audio books from my longer stories. The problem is that my schedule isn’t really helping with a routine. I am working on building the routine needed for a daily writing habit, and I’ve done well on building that. However, this money is burning a hole in my pocket, especially when it could be used to build more stories. So what I’ve settled on doing is working with a ghost writer to help knock out some work for me. My idea is to work together to produce stories up to the correct quality. I want to build stories quickly, and this would help me with some of the more prolific problems I am having. The hope is that I can learn to be more prolific, and that when combined with their talents, I can build a lot more stories.

I am going to be working through these stories with the same fine tooth comb that I put my own work through. I know that may show that this road will not work. However, if there is a way to make it work, I am very excited about it. I hope that I will be able to work through all of this in a manner that can make Long Tail Writing a bigger success. I’ve worked towards execution on a lot of things, this would help fill in the final puzzle piece towards creation. I think that would help add some stability to all this. I hope that I can also write a number of small books and stories along side what the ghost writer is producing. That being said, I think I will need to use a different name for this work.  Since my “voice” is going to be different than his, and our combined voice is going to be different than both of us. By creating an extra name, I think it will work well. I will have to think about this more.

What I hope to do is to work together to build a trilogy and then get some decent covers. After that, I want to get all the editing and fixing complete. Once that is done, I would like to find a way to get the first two stories into audio book format. Once all that is done, then I can start working towards promotion. The goal would be to have the promotions paid for and have a little royalty left over when selling the second book. This royalty would go towards building the third audio book. The hope is that I can build an entire trilogy series on a regular basis; each trilogy building a bigger base of royalties – which would then be used to build more books. My hope is to continue to re-invest in this adventure the best I can. The hope is to split the royalties three ways: 2/3 goes into building more books. 1/6 goes into charity donations. The final 1/6 goes into my retirement. The eventual goal is to make that a full three way split. It’s a lofty goal, but as long as I keep pouring time and energy into the tasks, I know I will get there one day.


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