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Three Reasons to Write Barn Burner Short Stories

Traditional publishing wisdom from groups like 20Booksto50k is that you need to churn out a massive backlist of novels to make it as an author. They believe that pumping out novel after novel will create a momentum you can ride on. I know this has worked for a lot of authors, but there is a downside to this mentality as well. It becomes this massive barrier to entry. Writing a book is an extremely time consuming and costly adventure, and to choose to pump them out quick, can be draining. For myself, I prefer the smaller route at the moment. A quick flash in the pan story. Lot of excitement without much filler. These are often called barn burner stories. I may switch things later on, but these short stories are at the center of what I want to do. Here are three reasons why I love to write those barn burner short stories. Reason 1: Finish Quicker It’s completely feasible to go from writing very little to writing a short story. It doesn’t take a lot of research, crafting, and planning. No