Tuesday, March 9, 2021

How to Celebrate the Small Wins When Writing

Every author’s journey is unique to them. That can make it difficult to understand progress, because you don’t have a ruler to measure against. In addition, gains are rarely massive or overnight. You start seeing small transitions over time. So, the answer is often to start celebrating the small wins when you write. Here are three ways to find some joy in your writing progress.

1.) Part of the routine can add some Zen

One of the best ways a writer can progress is to continue writing every day. To help celebrate that progress, it can help to look at it from a larger perspective. Instead of looking at the words that were wrote, or the funds generated, you can enjoy the quiet and relaxation. The part of your daily cycle you use to build something.

2.) Bundle up the small wins to a bigger package

Sometimes the best way to celebrate wins, especially small ones, is to bundle them together. For example, perhaps your latest work isn’t selling well. However, when you look at all your different pieces of work… it balances out. That can help you feel better about all the small things, when you realize that you are moving the needle with all the work that you do.

3.) Think about the start line

Sometimes the best way to celebrate small wins, is to think about how far you’ve come. If you look at the start of your writing, or where someone like you would start… then look at what you accomplished, it can be fairly amazing.

In summation, one of the best ways to celebrate small wins is to enjoy the practice and ignore the results. Another method is to take several small wins and bundle them together to celebrate. For example, if you have three books and two sell well… the average is going to be fairly good. Finally, the third best way to celebrate small wins is to realize how far you’ve come from the initial start. These three methods help authors celebrate their small wins in a big way.


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