Discovering the Need for Faster Feedback

I am having some difficulty getting back into the swing of writing daily now that we are having a pandemic. That being said, I have introduced some wonderful new things to help my writing practice. I did sign up for MasterClass, which is giving me access to not only wonderful writers, but creators of all sorts. I was also able to hook up a family member with these same courses, so hopefully that will help them create.

I know that there is merit in working on your method, but I am finding that it’s diminishing returns if you don’t go and put the work back into practice. It’s my hope to build the mix between process and results. I’ve got a new focus now; working to make connections with readers. That’s a better focus than what I’ve had in the past, which were mostly based on fear.

In the past, I looked at royalties as proof that what I built had value - because I feared that it had no value. I now realize that honest connections with people are the way to build towards the future. To build a constant feedback loop, instead of just making assumptions from money.

Because money doesn’t always (pun intended) tell the story.

My hope is that the rest of the week will see an uptick in creation. I have a better understanding of why I write and why I wrote in the past. I am hoping to build a mix of creation and a chaotic sort of mindfulness.

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