The Three Pillars of a Daily Writing Structure

What we do without thinking, via habit, helps define most of our life. Some speculate that it is what our lives are built upon. We simply go from one ingrained procedure, like a computer, to the next. This is why writing every day is so important. Writing daily helps your thought structure and makes it much greater than you would normally would have access to. They call this better word structure a writing practice. This is the true power of writing every day. A writing structure can include three components. There may be more components than these, but these three are the ones I can think of easily.

Structure one: Goals
When you have writing goals, it helps alleviate a very common problem. That problem is what to write. By taking away that extra consideration, you spend less time preparing, and more time writing.

Structure two: Revision
My least favorite topic is editing. I hate it. I think I hate editing so much because I need to rely on software to help me with grammar. I also hate editing because I have to cut out material. My preference is to always use every word I've written. However your writing released needs to be the best words written. That is why editing is such a key component of a writing practice.

Structure three: Fun
Fun is a commonly overlooked area of a writing practice. Many writers focus on profits or on hitting a major goal. However, it is equally important to have fun while writing. This can include world building, listening to inspirational music, or simply work-shopping an idea with another person. Fun will drive you to write everyday and continue to expand on your craft.

These three structures are important to a writing practice. They are not the only three structures, they are simply the one I can think of right now. However they are important to consider when building your writing practice.

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