Friday, February 14, 2020

Five reasons why I love to write

There are many things to write, but never enough time to express them correctly. Today I will look into five reasons I love to write.

1. To become my own favorite author.

This reason is fairly direct. Anytime I find something cool that another author has done, I want to make it my own and better. The hope is that I can build writing that is amazing. It’s also amazing to think I could have my favorite author write as much as I desire.

2. To surprise and make someone happy; and to break away from their routine.

It’s easy to look at fantasy or fiction stories and assume they are a waste of time. It’s not like you gain marketable skills after each epic book series. Instead, writing allows us to relax in our day-to-day lives. We can unwind and let ourselves be entertained with the various stories. We don’t always need to gain something for it to be worthwhile.

3. To own things that will generate money far into the future.

I’ve always been attracted to the idea of automated work. I like things getting done, even when I am not around. The biggest draw to this line of thinking is fiscal. I love money just appearing, almost as if from magic. I know that all supposed passive incomes are not passive. However, I also know that a person can build a series of good that will help them leverage things in a new way.

4. To own fun, intellectual property and see that come to life.

It’s one thing to write silly stories and ideas down on paper. It is another to see those stories connect with people. Or to see other people take your work and put their own creative spin on it. I like having my own cool things to sell. Things that I would love to own, and build those into even better things. I think there is a certain amount of fun in that idea.

5. To give my mind a vacation in a strange land.

Finally, this is why I love writing. Writing can lead down some interesting rabbit holes and theories. By having a few moments to think, I allow my brain to chase these down and explore. I am no longer concentrating on my day-to-day survival. Instead, I am taking a break from that continuous burden and letting my brain play as it desires. I think this is one of the biggest reasons I love to write.

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