Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Combining Ideas with Plans for 2020

Lately I’ve found myself struggling to continue towards a daily writing habit. There are so many things to distract me and I am not just talking about social media. Instead there are many writer activities that can distract me from writing. For example, plotting for new worlds, trying to determine how a mechanic would work, or even working through promotions.

As I look to the new year, a few things will need to be sorted out. Here is a brief list of each and what they may mean.

  • Daily Writing Habit
  • Writing Vacation Days
  • World Burner
  • New Years Resolutions

For the daily writing habit, what needs to be sorted out are the prompts. I need to build a system that helps me feel excited and ready to write for the next day. I think that part of that needs to be building daily writing prompts for myself. For example, if I end the day writing about a fight, I need to write a prompt that talks about ramifications of that fight. The idea being that I can dive quickly into writing that bit.

Wiring vacation days is a unique idea that has really sparked my imagination. The idea is to work 4x10’s during my day job one week per month. That way, I have a day off and will use that day to do nothing but writing. The hope is to burn through 10k work of writing quickly and really enjoy the process. At the moment I am thinking about building a LitRPG story, so that day would have me actually playing the game and writing about the results.

World Burner is a World Anvil contest to put down 10k of words into a world. I think this would be a wonderful way to start a LitRPG story, so I am digging into that. It’s not as intimidating as NaNoWriMo’s 50k, I can say that for certain.

New Years Resolutions – So for this one there are a couple things to think about. I haven’t committed to anything yet, but I would like to investigate a few things. First off, when I combine speech to text, then correct that speech, I can hit about 35 wpm. My normal speed is 20 wpm. (I can actually type around 60-70 wpm, but my brain simply can’t work as fast as my hands can) The other thing I am thinking for a New Years Resolutions is to build two new streams of income from my writing. Specifically, one based on written word, the other on printed word. The idea is to have my author earnings increase every year as I continue this adventure. I am hoping to build some diversity into my earnings so that if one area dries up, I still have a few other areas. I need to be continuously looking to build a bigger platform.


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