Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Feeling Accomplished and With Direction

Time is tricky, because it can feel so abrupt and life can feel so large compared to what time we have. I think with this writing thing, I am having success because I am ignoring how hard it can be. If I stopped and thought about all the work I’ve poured in, and all the work I have left to do, I would be paralyzed. In this moment, however, I’ve just accomplished a good chunk. 

  • I have another small story done and thoughts for yet another story. 
  • I’ve built a release schedule based on promotions I have planned out. 
  • I have the promotions planned out, to pay for the production costs. 
  • Finally, I can see the trajectory of my current marketing and how well it is working.

I am feeling accomplished because I have the direction I need for the next year+. There is a lot to accomplish, and I am excited about building those accomplishments. With any luck, this writing thing will continue to grow, and I’ll grow alongside it. In time, I would like to split the royalties that are made with this effort three different ways: producing more books, retirement funds, and some fun money. It would be nice if this effort could grow and grow, until it got to be something sizable and amazing. However, looking back at where I am at now, it feels sizable. I got a lot of amazing stuff and I am looking forward to building even more stuff.


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