Friday, August 16, 2019

Trying to Build a UK Mailing List

I am finishing up a book called Newsletter Ninja that talks about some of the basics behind setting up an author mailing list. Overall, I think about 80% - 90% was already understood, but it did give out a few pieces I hadn’t known. However, I am now trying to decipher another potential gain, but I don’t quite know where to go. I’ve asked the Sub Reddit group I am in about it, with not much luck so far.  The focus I am aiming for is to build a new mailing list focused around UK readers.

There are three main reasons on why to focus on this market. First off, any books I produce can be read without much (or any) modification. The second reason is that this market is smaller and may have less competition than the main USA market. The final reason is that Audible has a UK site with unique codes. I get a lot of these review codes for the UK market and I’ve never been able to really give them away. I’ve given maybe a dozen away total, over all my books. I think if I can build a UK audience, it would really help boost things.

So far the advice on the Sub Reddit I’ve joined is basically a shrug. The sources I find potential readers is worldwide, so if UK readers join, then great. However, the majority of this source of readers is still the USA. I am going to dig into some online resources to see if I can’t find a way to build out this portion of my mailing list. If I can, it would be a huge gain I my growing author career / habit. I may also start to tag any email addresses that end in “.uk” or perhaps tag any country specific emails that are from the United Kingdom.

I would love to have three lists total: My Main USA list, My Main UK List, and my experimental list. The experimental list is more for group promotions, trying out new techniques, and trying to offer value back to other authors. The main lists I want to be groomed and well-maintained, where the experimental list should be focused on figuring out random feedback and group promotions.


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