Monday, August 19, 2019

Balance Among Writer Tasks

Writing every day is extremely difficult because there are so many things to try and work through. As an author, you need to build the marketing along with the product. That can be great to build a wonderful synergy, but it can also lead to inhibitions on production. That’s because you need to almost do both at the same time. Writing every day and working with readers to get that writing in their hands. I am not sure how to build that balance. It would be easy to build that balance if the tasks were all set in stone. However, often times the tasks are from a regular consistency.

For example, I need to work through several edits of a story, respond to review copies requested, try to work with Audible customer service, and yet… write for several hours. I can’t produce all that. I can do a little of each, but not all of it. So the best I can resolve is to prioritize and build out the parts that need to be done. The first and foremost is to cater to the review copies, then followed by figuring out support. Once that’s done, it was working on grammar for a potential story and then trying to produce this. Again, it’s a balance, and I can’t be angry with myself for striking that balance. I produce a lot, and sometimes I just need to accept and enjoy all that I create. Hopefully I will continue to build at this wonderful level and I can make more and more connections. Only the future will determine that though.


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