Tuesday, July 30, 2019

BookFunnel vs StoryOrigin vs BookSprout: 2 Weeks Later

It’s been another week since I started this experiment with these different services. We have about 1-2 more weeks to go until we figure out how well this all works. This week I need to prepare my list, moving motivated readers to a different list. The hope is to make one list a larger “trading list” and another list a “motivated” list that loves my work. We shall see if this will work.


I currently have been in two promotions. These are like newsletter swaps, but with more people. Last week I had about 47 email addresses. I now have about 124 email addresses. This has brought the $10/mo charge to be $0.08 per address.  I am pretty happy with these results. The truth of success through will be in determining how they respond to my unique content. I will be putting them in a different segment in a few weeks and sending a promo then.


I had messed up last time and my Amazon link was marketed. Oops. I’ve switched it to be my mailing list and now have 23 people that were added on. That’s not too bad, especially considering that this service is free. I’ve been on two newsletter swaps, with promotion groups starting tomorrow. That will really tell me if this succeeded or not. I am very excited about this one too!


This one hasn’t made any progress. I had three people claim my ARC, and I still have the same three people. However, even if only one leaves a review, it’s worth it. We shall see what happens.

Overall, I am really happy with this experiment. On a different note, I’ve investigated different email services as well. I am currently using MailChimp and am really enjoying it. However, I’ve studied the alternatives since the big uproar this year at MailChimp. I will probably switch to a “Pay-As-You-Go” plan when I break the 2000 freemium limit. I don’t think I will send out very often, perhaps 4-6 emails per year. That being said, I am going to do everything in my power to keep things free as long as possible.


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